This soft, flexible Non-Toxic silicone self closing cup is better for humans, and better for the planet. The cup is easy to pour from either side without spilling. And the fact that is is sealable means you will never lose the lid! The large, soft seals are easy to open and close. Made of 100% platinum silicone, they are endlessly reusable and dishwasher safe. And you can rest easy knowing they won't leach harmful chemicals into your child's food like plastics. Get the entire set! Food Grade. Freezer Safe. Microwave Safe. Dishwasher Safe. Made in the USA. These are great for packing for travel and carrying to restaurants and outings! Reduce spills with this standing cup! Dimensions:Medium: 3" Depth, 5.5" Width, 6" Height, Volume 16 ozLarge: 3.5" Depth, 6" Width, 7" Height, Volume 24 ozGreat for home, travel, picnics, hiking, lunches, etc.

Zip Top Cups


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