750 ml of floor cleaner in a dishwasher cleaned wine bottle. You can also bring your own container. Cost per ounce is about $0.12.


Not only is our delivery vessel circular but our 55 gallon storage drums our circular too. Our vendor picks them up and resuses them. Some of us have been disheartened to see retailers bring out bags of food to resupply their bulk storage bins. Not here!

Lemon Scented Floor Cleaner

  • Neutral Floor Cleaner. (Concentrate) Flashback is a floor cleaner concentrate, specially formulated to reduce the time and labor costs of daily maintenance of high gloss metal interlock and no wax" floor finishes. Will not harm the finish — and has controlled suds for use in auto scrubbers."  Good for Tile; Stone; Masonry; Sealed Wood This product is a rinse free, neutral damp mop concentrate that saves time and labor costs in the daily floor maintenance of high gloss acrylic floor finishes. It easily and rapicly emulsifies soils, without leaving a dulling film. This product is excellent foreither by hand or through automatic scrubbing machines. Cleans coated floors, leaving a bright shine. Recommended dilution: Normal (1:64); Floor Scrubber (1:64 to 1:32). The pleasant lemon scent make it easy to work with and around. 

  • (2-methoxymethylethoxy)propanol (Mixture of isomers), Alcohols, C10-14, ethoxylated

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