$6.12 for 16 oubces. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a Strong Olive Aroma smell and has a flavorful  taste whihc is well balanced and has a Smooth Finish. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil   is unrefined, meaning that absolutely no chemical or heat is used to extract the oil from the fruit. This means that the oil is unaltered, allowing it to retain its strong olive scent, and deep greenish golden color. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil are produced by the Olea europaea - the botanical name for the small, green Olive tree which can grow up to 20 feet. The bark is pale grey and the flowers are small and creamy white in color. The oil filled, single seed, fleshy inside of the drupe dark purple Olive fruit is about 3/4 inch long, and is the the source of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia

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