The Original Poop Bags® Countdown Rolls® are the world's first individually numbered dog waste bags. The Original Poop Bags® Countdown Rolls® are USDA Certified Biobased at 38%. These poop bags are numbered from 15 to 1 so you'll always know if you need to grab another roll before leaving the house.




The Original Poop Bags® has three types of dog waste bags. We break them down into P for Plants, B for USDA Certified Biobased, and R for Recycled.

Plants:  These poop bags are made from plants, starch, and renewable resources. They carry the ASTM International D6400 rating for composting in commercial facilities. They are Certified Compostable for both Home and Commercial Composting by OK Compost. OK Compost is deemed acceptable in California and for Green Bins in Canada. Not all commercial composting facilities accept pet waste, so please check your local facility.

USDA Certified Biobased:  These poop bags are made with a minimum of 38% plant material. Per the USDA, the increased use of biobased products helps to reduce the adverse impact of environmental and health related issues.

Recycled:  Our recycled poop bags contain a minimum of 20% recycled materials. Sometimes this is as high as 30% based on available materials. We only use in-house recycled materials to control the quality. These bags also contain TDPA technology from Environmental Products Inc.

Compostable Dog Waste Bag

    • million tons: It is estimated that dog owners do not collect over 4 million tons of dog waste annually.
    • 20-30% of all pollutants in waterways attributed to dog waste: Pollutants originating from rainwater run-off via sewer systems, and dogs pooping near watersheds or beaches. Overall, it is believed dog waste is third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters.
    • 4th highest generated waste: Plastics are the fourth highest generated waste in the U.S., originate from petroleum which is non-renewable, do not biodegrade, and take thousands of years to break down. Paper, yard trimmings, and food scraps are the top three wastes, but all of them come from renewable resources.
    • Plastics are the least recycled material with a 12% recovery rate. Of the 32 million tons of plastic produced in the USA, only 3.8 million tons was recycled.
    • Over 1 billion single-use plastic bags are produced EVERY YEAR in the USA, and each bag has an average use of 12 minutes, then remains for another 400+ years. It's really disgusting.

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