We should all use compostable garbage and dog poop bags

If you dispose of your food waste, kitchen scraps and other organic material in a non-compostable plastic bag, it results in a mixture of organic and plastic waste. This contaminates the whole batch and can no longer be processed in composting facilities and will need to be landfilled. But unfortunately a landfill doesn’t provide the proper environmental conditions mainly heat, oxygen, and humidity for composting.

Biodegradation does still happen, but it will be an anaerobic process (without oxygen). Whenever microorganisms decompose organic matter without oxygen, methane gas is released and the greenhouse impact of methane is about 25 times greater than CO2. So every time you throw your organic waste into a plastic instead of a compostable bag, you contribute significantly more to global warming and all its resulting problems.

So when looking for a compostable trash bag, look for two things. Look for a legitimate certificate. Here are entities that issue these certificates:

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certificate

The BPI is a non-profit organization with the largest certification program for compostable products in North America. The basis for their certification process is the ASTM 6400.

DIN-Geprueft & Seedling certificate

As the certification organization of the renowned German TÜV Rheinland, DIN CERTCO issues the “compostable” certificates according to the European standard EN 13432 (similar to the American ASTM 6400).

TÜV-Austria OK-compost certificate

Issued by the Austrian TÜV (formerly Vincotte), the “OK compost” certificate comes in 2 versions: one is “industrial” and the other “home”.

While the former certifies the compostability under the conditions of an industrial composting plant, the latter means a product is even compostable if you throw it in your backyard compost.

Additionally, they also issue the “seedling”, just like the German DIN CERTCO does. Likewise, all of the certificates are equally based on the European standard EN 13432.

We hope to offer these in the store very soon!

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