Recycling Options

If you live in apartment in Pasadena or work at a business in Pasadena, you know that your waste is going to a MRF (Mixed Reclamation Facility) and depending on how good you and your waste-bin mates are, there is a lot of uncertainty that something will actually get recycled. Two options exist. You can take home the glass, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard, the 14 items that you know are recyclable and put them in your recycling bin if you live in a single family home or you can take your recycling materials to a recycling facility once a month.

S & L Recycling 6154 Myosotis St. L.A., CA 90042 323.256.1740 (across from the Calimex Market) right on Figueroa and Mysosotis) Nice people, fair prices, clean, COVID friendly. They take plastic water bottles (keep your caps on!) , aluminum seltzer cans, glass bottles, cardboard, etc!

I think by doing this you can be more confident that the few items that you have that can be recycled, will be recycled.

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