Plastic Activity and Actions

1.Here's the link to Ban SUP’s meeting minutes. Let me know if there is a group you would like to participate in.

2.Comment and/or Attend! Pasadena Municipal Services Committee Meeting – December 8 Attend: Comments to Councilmember in Advance:

Here's a summary of the issues and possible mitigations.

3. Link to Sustainable Claremont event with Asm Chris Holden

4. Comment: CalRecycle Commission

Subject > Commission

1. Support Commissions Recommendations

2. Support local Additions for recycled items to meet state criteria and 75% as pathway to be recycled 

3. Require Extended Producer Responsibility for CRV bottles

4. Adopt stricter standards for what is compostable

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Pasadena has a MSC meeting 1/26/21

Pasadena has a MSC meeting 1/26/21 @4pm to discuss the Zero Waste Plan. Please comment and/or attend on SUP and get the City to focus on this crisis. Potential comments: immediate ban on plastic bags

Plastic Actions, Events, Articles

Happy New Year! I think the uptick in actions is great! It means more visibility to the plastic crisis and I think more groups focused on it. Act on these actions as you have time and join us for our

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Wanting to repair or resize a favorite outfit or create a new one? Time to rent a sewing machine. Sign up for 30 minute time-slots. Only one sewer will be allowed during Covid for social distancing.

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