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Happy New Year! I think the uptick in actions is great! It means more visibility to the plastic crisis and I think more groups focused on it. Act on these actions as you have time and join us for our first 2021 Ban SUP meeting, Sunday January 24 at 2. Hopefully we'll be more successful in legislating plastic bans and EPR in 2021!

1. Groups: Sign draft of Emergency Executive Order for Foodware Accessories Upon Request for the state of CA and a sign on letter in support of Gavin Newsom issuing the order.

2. Pasadena Residents and Businesses: Contact your mayor and city council members and ask for a local Emergency Executive Order for Foodware Accessories Upon Request and mandatory bring your own container and bag law. and copy the comment to the Pasadena Health Department.

3. US Citizens: Tell Your Representative to Support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

4. US Citizens: Support Funding recommendations for Congress to reduce plastics and invest $1.3 billion in lasting and cost-effective solutions to reduce the production, use, and disposal of plastics. The recommendations are consistent with the Presidential Plastics Action Plan.

5. Anyone: Join Ban SUP Zoom Meeting Sunday Jan 24, 2021 at 2:00 PM Meeting ID: 840 8555 1343 Passcode: 368257

6. Anyone: Presentation on Recycled Polypropylene Markets

7. Californians: CalRecycle Recycling Commission 19 recommendations to improve recycling in CA. .

8. Californians: Sign up to vote for CaDems by Jan 11.

9. Anyone:Greenpeace Inc. sues Walmart for deceptive recyclability labels on its plastic products and packaging

10. Anyone: Sign Petitions for the the Top Corporate Polluters: Coca-Cola and

11. Anyone:

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