Pasadena has a MSC meeting 1/26/21

Updated: 3 days ago

Pasadena has a MSC meeting 1/26/21 @4pm to discuss the Zero Waste Plan. Please comment and/or attend on SUP and get the City to focus on this crisis.

Potential comments:

immediate ban on plastic bags for grocery, retail and take-out

additional items besides food and containers banned

BYOC (cups and containers everywhere) engage Pasadena Health Dept to allay safety and security fears

Mandate recycling at multi-family housing and businesses

Establish plan to ban plastics that aren't recyclable and SUP like water bottles at all city properties and with any city funds by 06/21

Place an immediate 10% tax on every item that is not currently recycled in the state of California as identified in the CalRecycle preliminary assessment unless local haulers can prove they have a recycling market for additional items

Create funding for business ventures to use waste in items and create infrastructure to recycle

Separate compost and incentivize homeowners to compost with better composting systems

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