Noche 2020 Honoree - Outstanding Local Advocate - Cheryl Auger and Anita Ghazarian

Outstanding Local Advocates - Cheryl Auger and Anita Ghazarian

Cheryl Auger is President of Ban SUP (Single Use Plastics) and Owner of Ban SUP “Refill Store” focused on helping residents and businesses reduce their waste. A Pasadena resident of over 20 years, Cheryl has a background in energy, water, and waste water. 

Dr. Anita Ghazarian setting up a Zero Waste outreach booth in San Gabriel, CA

Dr Anita Ghazarian, OD is the co-founder and Vice President of Ban SUP whose passion is to help avert the deluge of unregulated toxins and mitigate their effect on human health and the environment as well as to halt the runaway train of climate change. An Altadena resident and parent of two, Anita is a doctor of optometry, specializing in binocular vision disorders and vision therapy. She has also served for 16 years on the board of Foothill Autism Alliance and one of her children is on the autism spectrum. She strongly believes in collaborating with others within a network of activists who fight for social, racial, and environmental justice.

Over the past several years Cheryl and Anita have led the fight against single-use plastic in west San Gabriel Valley, recognizing the role plastics play in polluting our rivers and open spaces, fueling climate change (almost all plastics are made from fossil fuel), and impacting human health. Less than 9% of plastics in California are currently “downcycled” (plastics cannot be “recycled” in the same manner metal or glass can). The duo has spearheaded local advocacy for statewide action (AB 1080 / SB 54; 2022 ballot measures), facilitated policy action in local communities including Pasadena and South Pasadena, commented on the Udall/Lowenthal Federal Plastic Ban Bill, and even coordinated a Plastics Crisis entry in the annual DooDah Parade. 

Recently they were successful in getting Pasadena to review its Zero Waste Plan, a process which found that the City didn't achieve any of its goals and that plastics made from resins #3,4,5,6,&7 were not being recycled. As outspoken local advocates and community organizers, they also are active in supporting local, state, and national candidates who are ready to tackle the Plastic Crisis.

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