I know you care about Composting.

Composting is on the Zero Waste Plan and the City has big plans to teach second graders about the value of composting sometime in the future. The Rose Bowl has a Green Job Training Program led by 301 Organics, that teaches teens how to compost. Their residential compost pick-up program diverted nearly 8 million tons of organics from the landfill I would prefer the city tripled that investment and teach teens and adults to compost. I am signing up for the 301 Organics program after seeing how luxurious their compost is. We also need places to bring our compost and it shouldn't be in Victorville, it should be local so we can rejuvenate our soils and not waste GHGEs! Here's a letter you can sign asking the city to immediately start compost training programs and to increase the percent managed locally but feel free to write your own email to your councilmember or Municipal Service Committee Members (MSC) too! Here's the MSC list!

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Williams, Felicia <>,

Hampton, Tyron <>,

Bawa, Gurcharan <>,

Madison, Steve <>,

Suzuki, Takako <>,

Flores, Valerie <>,

Silva, Gabriel <>,

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