Cal Dem Party Endorses SB 54

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

SB 54/AB 1080: Take action now for August! SB 54 and AB 1080 MUST be taken up no later than August 31 or they will officially be dead for the session.  AB 1080 remains on the Senate Floor.  SB 54 remains on the Assembly Floor.  Nothing publicly available regarding amendments yet. Please no phone calls to legislators' offices at this time:  Legislators' offices are inundated with constituent phone calls for unemployment assistance and other issues right now.  The authors' offices have requested that until further notice, we do NOT ask people to voice their support of 54/1080 by calling offices.  Proposed plastics initiative: More deadline updates The signature gatherers for the proposed plastics initiative may once again face difficulties meeting the once-moved September 28 deadline to qualify enough signatures for the 2022 ballot.  Because of these possible difficulties, we're continuing to push our mail-in signature campaign. Don't forget: The initiative is a complementary measure to SB 54/AB 1080. We want to see both the bills and the initiative pass!  

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